Bankruptcy Myths

Bankruptcy Myths

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Debunking Some Bankruptcy Myths

Myth: You can never obtain credit after declaring bankruptcy.
Fact: Bankruptcy can actually help you repair your credit more quickly.

Yes, you have some financial difficulties, but it does not ruin your credit forever. Of course, your credit rating will take a hit, but you can file for bankruptcy and successfully get into a car loan with a decent interest rate in one year. Others have qualified for home loans in two to three years. In fact, bankruptcy can be the first step to get back on track and repair your credit.

Myth: Bankruptcy stays on your record forever, and your future prospective creditors will always know about your bankruptcy.
Fact: A bankruptcy will only stay on your credit report for six to eight years.

All other negative debts that existed on your credit report, the "negative trade line" entries, must all be removed. In reality, your credit score after a bankruptcy depends on what you do with your credit in those six years after discharge. If you straighten out your finances through bankruptcy and keep everything straight, you'll come out the other end with better credit.

Myth: If you declare bankruptcy, you will lose everything you own.
Fact: You'll be able to keep most of your real estate, assets, and other property.

Ohio, like other states, has "exemptions," which is short for "things you are allowed to own that are exempt from being liquidated." These declare what creditors can do to you after they get a judgment against you. Most assets that people own in Ohio (clothes, furniture, jewelry, etc.) are exempt. Ohio also has a very good exemption for houses and cars. So, most people will also be able to keep their house and cars in a bankruptcy.

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