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Guiding You Through the Complexities & Challenges of Bankruptcy in Ohio

At The Romano Law Firm, we provide skillful, trustworthy legal counsel for families, couples, and individuals who are considering filing for bankruptcy in Cleveland. Our lead bankruptcy attorney, Joe Romano, Esq., has spent many years helping clients wade through the complexities and challenges of bankruptcy and obtain a positive outcome. In addition to his in-depth knowledge and experience, Joe Romano cares deeply about serving people who need help getting out of financial trouble, and our legal practice revolves entirely around giving you peace of mind during these difficult times.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, please call (216) 621-7777 or send us a message today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with Cleveland bankruptcy lawyer Joe Romano.

You Must Secure Legal Counsel Before Filing for Bankruptcy

If you think you may be headed for bankruptcy, call The Romano Law Firm before making any decisions. Filing for bankruptcy can destroy your credit and, as such, it should be your last resort. There may be other, more suitable ways of resolving or reorganizing your debt that do not require you to involve the court. Whether or not bankruptcy turns out to be your best option, you need a competent legal advocate on your side to help you make informed decisions and set yourself up for financial success in the future.

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We Provide a Variety of Bankruptcy Legal Services in Cleveland

At The Romano Law Firm, we are prepared to work with you and come up with a tailored solution to help you address your debt. We are skilled advocates, capable of handling various forms of bankruptcy and guiding you through even the most daunting methods of debt resolution.

We provide personalized legal service related to:

  • Adversary proceedings—Whether you are declaring bankruptcy or are suing a party who has declared bankruptcy, you need an attorney with specialized litigation skills to help you obtain a favorable ruling.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy—Also called “reorganization bankruptcy,” Chapter 11 allows small businesses to restructure their debts and give business owners a clean slate.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy—Filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 allows you to create a payment plan to catch up on your mortgage, car payments, and other substantial debts.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy—This form of bankruptcy may be best if you have experienced a financially devastating life event, such as job loss or major illness, and need to take drastic measures to protect your savings and assets.
  • Subchapter 5 bankruptcy—At The Romano Law Firm, we understand the ins and outs of Subchapter 5 and recent legislation that has been implemented to make small business bankruptcy more expeditious and less costly.

Even if you suspect one particular form of bankruptcy may be best for you, please consult Cleveland bankruptcy attorney Joe Romano, Esq., and set up your free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our team.

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